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Brigit Commercial - AIRING NOW


Verizon Blue Jeans Commercial

Mike in the short film Milk 'N Cookies.

Oscar in the short film Clink. Shoot.
Accepted to the Mirackle Makers International Film Festival in Los Angeles, CO Short Circuit Film Festival & Grand Mesa Film Festival

Scott in the feature film Army & Coop.

Paul in the feature film Rook.

Go Down, Diller - Pablo Agua Productions




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'Brigit' Spot

Be on the lookout while you're channel surfing for a Brigit commercial I'm in! My friends and I are watching the big game when all of a sudden the power goes out because I didn't use Brigit to pay the electric bill. Tragedy, I know. Thanks Lumenati Productions! I love working with you all.

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Shoutout Colorado

I was asked to take part in Shoutout Colorado's Interview as part of their "Shoutout Series" We chatted about the risk of pivoting careers and the exciting projects I'm working on. You can take a look here!

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'Verizon Blue Jeans' Spot

I had the privilege of being in a Verizon Blue Jeans commercial! Thanks to Radical Artists Agency,  Lumenati productions, and Aura Casting for the opportunity! check it out here!

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'The Mortgage Co' Spot

I had a blast filming this commercial for The Mortgage Co. playing a clown who just wants to make people smile...despite making them very, very uncomfortable! Click the image above to watch!

Dads Show Poster_Vintage Theater.png

The Dads Sketch Show

DADDY ROAD: The Dads are performing a one-hour original sketch comedy show on August 30th on the Vintage Cabaret Stage. Think of it as "SNL With No Money." It's sure to tickle your funny bone. Snag your tickets TODAY!


Phirgun Mair - New Mexico

I'm excited to share that I've signed with Phirgun Mair Worldwide - a SAG franchised talent agency in New Mexico. I'm thrilled to work with Peter Yanke, an industry titan, and work on some great projects!

Film Fest Poster.jpeg

"Clink. Shoot." Festivals

"Clink. Shoot.", a short film produced by Letterpress Films, was accepted to the Miracle Makers Int'l Film Festival in Los Angeles, the Grand Mesa Film Festival & the CO Short Circuit Film Festival! Click the image to give it a watch!

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Summit Automotive

Check out this super fun spot I did with Futuristic Films for Summit Automotive! We all know there's something scary up in the attic...but would it help if you knew it was ME?! Click the image to watch the spot!


Go Down Diller

just finished principal photography for a short film called "Go Down Diller" which was based on a short story by Eric Howerton. I play Leon the Wine Guy - an eccentric co-worker of the main character, Diller, who isn't the best influence. Check out the trailer here!


TNG Agency - Las Vegas

I'm thrilled to announce I've signed with TNG Agency for representation in Nevada! Very excited to work with such a great company and further my career!


Milk N Cookies - Loste

Check out "Milk N Cookies" a Christmas short by Loste Films. I play Mike: the group's religious friend who pushes his beliefs onto...everyone around him. Check it out here!

Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 12.57.24 PM.png

'Colorado Lottery' Spot

I filmed my second Colorado Lottery spot as Cousin Ed - the strange man who has so much fun playing the lottery he can power an entire house! Click the image above to watch!


"Last seen at PACE in the Sasquatch/Parker Arts production of Matilda the Musical, Ben Hilzer has a breakout, scene-stealing performance as the cowardly lion. Channeling Bert Lahr in the original 1939 film, Hilzer pumps up the Bowery Boys pugilism while adding a wide range of curious, hilarious vocalisms that made him a crowd favorite."

Alex Miller, OnStage Colorado, The Wizard of Oz

"Hilzer and Von Bokern are at the height of their comedic game. Who knew these two guys with gorgeous vocals could basically pull off any accent with perfection."

Chris Arneson, BroadwayWorld, The Big Bang

"Mr. Wormwood (brilliantly performed by Ben Hilzer whose comic timing is, once again, impeccable)...Be sure to come back in a timely fashion from the intermission. One of the funniest parts of the show is the conversation Mr. Wormwood has with the audience members before they start Act II. It's classic Ben Hilzer."

Beki Pineda, Get Boulder, Matilda the Musical

"Ben Hilzer offers the perfect Vaudvillian counterpoint as [Gaston's] bumbling stooge Lefou."

Patrick Dorn, Best Seat in Town, Beauty and the Beast

"For a wicked, wicked father, Ben Hilzer couldn't possibly be a more lovable Wormwood."

John Moore, Former Critic of the Denver Post, Matilda the Musical

"Playing Stan Laurel to Largents' Oliver Hardy is Ben Hilzer. It's hard to take your eyes off his clowning Sylvestre, who often steals the show with an agility and strength that makes him an excellent physical comedian. Hilzer is a skilled mimic who kills in his set piece of movie quotes."

Kate Forgach, Tattle Tales, Scapin

"Ben Hilzer as Mr. Henslowe has pitch perfect comedic timing, and whether goofy or deadpan received the biggest laughs of the show."

Ginny Quaney, PlayShakespeare, Shakespeare in Love

"Also exceptional is Ben Hilzer as Moritz, an ill-fated boy who can't seem to catch a break. The spellbinding Hilzer drew sobs and sniffles throughout the opening-night audience."

Kate Forgach, Tattle Tales, Spring Awakening



Ben Hilzer Comedic Reel

Ben Hilzer Commercial Reel

"Riding the Currency: 'Tis the Season"

"Title Roles" Comedy Sketch

"Tuesday" - written and performed by Ben Hilzer

Ben Hilzer Dramatic Reel

"Milk N Cookies" - Short Film by Loste Films

"Clink. Shoot." - Short Film

"Crime Noir Sleeps" Comedy Sketch

"People" - written and performed by Ben Hilzer

vocal demo





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